Order Period

April 23 to May 2 @ 8:pm

**** Please note: “Earth First ” packaging is reusable & compostable when the tin tie is removed. The kraft bags with PLA lining may not be accepted in some municipal composting facilities–however they will break down into their organic components.

We acknowledge that this falls short of the goal of Zero Waste.  We are dedicated to finding mindful solutions.

“If not now—when?”


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*****For timeline and delivery

*****Supporting our Community

Welcome to slo-foods.com Gabriola Island  2020

Celebrating our 14th year on Gabriola Island with the launch of our new website.

Please keep in mind that this is a transition period and this will always be a work in progress.  

Your feedback is important and welcome.

All prices subject to change.


  1. New customers must sign in before they can place an order—-see sidebar  —create my account
  2. If you are already registered but have not place an order on the new website–you may need to change your password–see sidebar—view
  3. Once you are signed in you –do not–need to sign in everytime.
  4. The header bar at top of the page is your main guide
  5. “Shopping & product categories”  Showcase the product categories,  each page opening  to display the choices.
  6. Many categories have multiple pages ( indicated at the bottom of each page)
  7. Items in each category are listed alphabetically
  8. Caution –item sizes may not be listed in sequential order
  9. You may be required to change your password (see sidebar passwords)
  10. Follow instructions to complete your order you will receive confirmation via e-mail
  11. See buyer’s club news for updates on order/delivery timeline–Covid-19—packaging—pricing policies—and news.
  12. The product list in the right sidebar are new listings

Fairwinds, Eric