COVID-19 August 2020

Our suppliers have informed us there will be out of stocks and delivery times may be delayed by several days due to their internal safety protocols. All of our suppliers have implemented safety protocols and the shippers specialize in food products. When shipped to us, the packaging will either be on a pallet wrapped in plastic or boxes so there will be no contact with the contents during the shipping process.
Once on Gabriola I have the dedicated space at the Community Hall to sort and re-package.

If you require this, please inform us if you would like the date of packing on your box. If you wish to err on the side of caution, leave the box for 3 days before unpacking (covid-19 can live up to 3 days on plastic and 24 hrs on cardboard)

Mission Statement

To advance awareness of the environmental, economic and nutritional impact of our food choices and to be an advocate for small scale local agriculture and the communities they serve. To assist in the creation of systems that most directly connect the producers and eaters.

Questions or suggestions always welcome:

Please practice social distancing and keep yourselves your loved ones and your community well.