Covid 19 august 2020

COVID-19 August 2020

Keep in mind that because of the fluid nature of present circumstances, change may be unavoidable. The following is the situation as of today to the best of my knowledge— I will do my best to keep everyone informed of progress or challenges. Please do not order more than you need or can properly store.

1. The current order period is from August 23 to August 30@ 8 pm
2. My suppliers have already informed me that there will be out of stocks and delivery times may be delayed by several days due to their internal safety protocols.
3. When I place an order I pay in advance—so please keep that in mind.
4. I will contact you once I have assembled your order with final price adjusted for out of stocks, changes etc. preferred payment method –e-transfer— cash –or cheques (to Eric Veale)
5. “Delivery only”—I must have a current address and a place out of the rain to leave box —cash or cheques can be left for pickup. Delivery will start as soon as I have sorted all of the orders—you will be notified when to (approximately) expect delivery. There will be a $5 delivery charge

slo-foods—-COVID-19 process and advice:
• Order period begins usually on a Friday
• Order period ends 10 days later @ 8:00 pm Sunday
• Monday I compile and place orders with my suppliers
• ****** One of my main suppliers has a 12-14 day delivery time
• –hopefully earlier!
• Pickup orders in Nanaimo when they arrive!
• Sort orders 2-3 days
• Delivery asap —you will be notified with as much advance notice as possible.

All of our suppliers have implemented safety protocols and the shippers specialize in food products.
When shipped to me the packaging will either be on a pallet wrapped in plastic or boxes so there will be no contact with the contents during the shipping process.
Once on Gabriola I have the dedicated space at the Community Hall to sort and re-package. All packaging materials have been onsite for at least 2 weeks & I will sanitize a number of times during the sorting process.

I will write the date of packing on you box so if you wish to err on the side of caution—LEAVE THE BOX FOR THREE DAYS BEFORE UNPACKING (covid-19 can live up to 3 days on plastic and 24 hrs on cardboard)

On a practical note, I am over 70 and in good health–however I am in the vulnerable age group therefore I am practicing common sense & social distancing.

slo-foods was created in 2007 as an alternate to the conventional food systems——we are currently in unforeseen territory—however the original intent is perhaps more relevant—-
Mission Statement

To advance awareness of the environmental, economic and nutritional impact of our food choices and to be an advocate for small scale local agriculture and the communities they serve. To assist in the creation of systems that most directly connect the producers and eaters.

Questions or suggestions always welcome:

Please practice social distancing and keep yourselves your loved ones and your community well.
Fairwinds, Eric