Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why slo-foods?
 The object of this enterprise is to aid in building supply lines for our Seasonal, Local & Organic Food systems. Any information or suggestions that will further this cause is welcome.
Question: Is this like the 100 mile diet?
 The “100 Mile Diet” is one of the best educational tools to come along period. Alisa Smith and J.B. Mackinnon did us all a service chronicling their year of living locally. What Slo-foods is attempting to do is to facilitate a collective group of people to move in a similar direction and at the same time it is hoped this model or template can then be used elsewhere as an aid in the supporting of their local systems.

Question: Is everything Slo-foods carries Organic?
 Every attempt will be made to be very clear on the production systems so that you can make informed selections. We do have a strong bias toward organic, although supporting our local systems instead of disconnected systems 1500 miles away seems to be the most sensible route to food security.

Question: Can we really make a difference?
 I first heard that question 25 years ago in the days when there were few people who were pointing to the potential dangers of agri-chemicals. The simple answer is yes! “The way we vote with our food dollars influences the farms of the future.”

Question: There has been a lot of negative press lately about industrial organic food, do you have any insights into this?
 Nutrient loss, minimum standards, overpackaging, shipping distance and commonsense are all contributing to the rationale of buying local. There are many foods that cannot be grown locally, so supporting the most sustainable practices is more important than ever. Having said that there are appropriate foods that can and should be grown locally–we just need to build the collective will and delivery systems to support the growers.

Question: I can’t afford to buy full cases of some things. Is there a way of buying smaller amounts at the same saving?
 Some split cases are available. There will be a double entry, one for full and one for half cases. Please ensure you order the correct one. Another way is to arrange to share cases with others and split it up yourself.

Question: I hear a lot about food security–why is it such a concern?
Answer: Food security has many different facets,  Slo-Foods is focused on assisting in supporting and rebuilding of our local systems.
Over the past 20-30 years the rush toward globalization of the food agribusiness has come close to destroying the “culture” surrounding our local food systems. This was largely based on cheap oil and the promise of so called miracle agri-chemicals and has had a destabilizing affect on local agri-culture.  While there is justification for some of this, there is growing evidence that local food systems are better qualified to take into consideration the overall health and welfare of our communities.

Question: I grow my own garden—support my local growers as much as possible– make suggestions and encourage my local markets– in short I shop as responsibly as I can. What else can I do?
Answer: Don’t stress!! You are doing great and are in good company on Gabriola. Slo-foods will be building a links page for further information.
In addition The Gabriola Commons project has as part of its overall plan– community gardens–orchards–allotment gardens–community kitchen and more.
Volunteers and any form of support are always welcome.

Gabriola Agricultural Co-Op operates our seasonalFarmers market that showcases many of our growers and an increasing number of food artisans, herbalists, and  craftspeople. 

Links to our local Farm-stands will be featured in their own category and we urge everyone to indulge in a bit of “enlightened self interest” by supporting all of our local farmers.