How it Works!

  1. New members will be prompted to CREATE AN ACCOUNT. You can do this either by making your first order and going through the purchasing process or by setting up your new account via BUYER’S CLUB NEWS>  “View/Create My Account“. Follow all prompts to fill in your name, delivery address, phone number and create your personal password.
  2. Take note of the ordering cutoff day and time. This will be printed in BOLD on the home page of the website and is a specific day/time each month. You can place your order ANY time all month, the orders only get fulfilled monthly at this time, a week after the deadline/cutoff for orders. When you sign up to the website, you will be reminded via emails of the cut off dates/times. SLO Foods does have a Facebook page and we keep it updated with order info. “Like” the page to get reminders on facebook Foods 
  3. Select items from the shopping category, fill your cart and check out. Payment happens after i deliver the goods to you. Some months all items you order will arrive, and some not. Bulk ordering is seasonal, so add anything you didn’t receive to the next order you fill out. We operate monthly and its a pretty fast turnaround once you get into the swing. SLO Foods carries as little stock as possible to keep all of the items you order as fresh as possible.
  4. The morning following the ordering deadline, we create the bulk order and place it with our distributors based on the goods you select.
  5. You will be notified of delivery/pickup date via email. Of course you don’t pay for items that are not received and your invoice will be altered to reflect this. We are a buying club- the prices fluctuate with the market.
  6. SLO Foods charges $8-10 delivery fee to bring your order to your doorstep, pickup is available as well
  7. E-transfer is preferred but we also accept cash and cheque upon delivery. We pay for your order up front so we ask for prompt payment upon delivery once your order is received. Thanks!