Packaging, Plastic and Pricing

In 2017, SLO Foods embarked on eliminating as much single use plastic as possible. Here in 2022,  we will continue to strive to explore all possible socially and environmentally responsible avenues as the world of bulk buying changes before our eyes.

1. Compostable kraft bags will be used whenever possible for re-packaging larger items like beans.
2. WEe use Compostable PLA (Polylactic Acid aka plant based!) packaging for repackaging most goods in the 1 and 2 kg size and smaller. Please visit this site to learn more about plant based packaging
3. PLA bags will have a tin-tie top that must be removed and reused or recycled before sending to industrial composting facilities or your recycling bin. If the bags find their way into the waste stream via the Landfill, they will break down to soil
4. ****Please reuse all packaging whenever possible!
5. Plastic bags cost 1 cent each PLA bags 60 to 80 cents each.
6. Our current pricing structure enables us to move toward a more sustainable model with a small surcharge for some repacked items.
7. Products re-packaged by wholesalers may be in plastic & kraft bags (K&P)
8. Standard pricing is a small percentage markup above our wholesale purchase price. This covers:
• Packaging & materials
• Shipping
• Community Hall storage rental
• Website & support
• Labour

9.  All prices are subject to changes month to month. This reflects the unstable price structure of our current global food and shipping routes and we will try our BEST to maintain solid pricing. SLOFoods’ previous owner, ERic Veale,  had a struggle with increasing prices as he guided the SLOFoods ship over the rocky seas of the COVID-19 Pandemic the last few years. We HOPE for stability moving forward, and will strive to achieve this asap.

Thank you so much for supporting our Island’s Sustainability by supporting SLOFoods. If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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