Packaging, Plastic and Pricing

In 2017 we embarked on eliminating as much single use plastic as possible however Covid-19 has temporarily altered some of our objectives. We will continue to explore all possible socially and environmentally responsible avenues.

1. Compostable kraft bags will be used whenever possible for re-packaging larger items like beans.
2. Compostable PLA packaging will be used for repackaged nuts and seeds in the 1 kg size.
3. Compostable PLA packaging will be phased in for the 2 kg size as soon as possible
4. PLA bags will have a tin-tie top that must be removed before sending to industrial composting facilities—not compostable in your backyard ****** currently our municipal composting systems do not accept PLA  packaging. PLA packaging will break down in the Landfill?
5. ****Please reuse all packaging whenever possible.
6. Plastic bags cost 1 cent each PLA bags 60 to 80 cents each.
7. Our current pricing structure enables us to move toward a more sustainable model with a small surcharge for some repacked items.
8. Products re-packaged by wholesalers may be in plastic & kraft bags
9. Standard pricing is 28% above wholesale—this covers:
• Packaging & materials
• Shipping
• Community Hall
• Website & support
• Labour

• ****Prices subject to change