Adzuki Beans–2 kg–Organic *(K)


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Adzuki Beans–2 kg-Organic-(China?)
The azuki bean , formerly spelled adzuki or aduki) is an annual vine widely grown throughout East Asia and the Himalayas for its small (approximately 5 mm) bean.
The cultivars most familiar in north-east Asia have a uniform red colour, but white, black, gray and variously mottled varieties are also known.
Scientists presume Vigna angularis var. nipponensis is the progenitor.
Sometimes called Chinese Red bean.
Genetic evidence indicates that the azuki bean was first domesticated in the Himalayas.
It was cultivated in China and Korea before 1000 BC.
It was later taken to Japan, where it is now the second most popular legume after the soya bean.

The Azuki bean is one of the few dried bean varieties that does not need soaking, so they don’t require as much preparation time.
They are small and have a slightly sweet flavour.



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