Balms Away!, Coconut Hemp Balm, Organic


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Balms Away! Hemp & Arnica Balm is a popular hemp based balm that is made at the Phun Pharm (Fun Farm).

All Organic Ingredients: Coconut Butter, Beeswax from the Fun Farm bee hives, Olive Oil, Hemp Oil, Arnica, Vitamin E, Spearmint Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil

Folks use this balm for many things from use as a massage balm to soothing bruised muscles with a more gentle application. An 89 year old Balms Away fan says it is perfect for improving her foot circulation. A 73year old Balms Away user lives in a very dry climate and uses it as a soothing to lip and refreshing nose balm applied before bedtime. It was invented it for use as a medicated balm to calm down sore repetitive stress muscles at the end of the day and that person uses Balms Away and has every day for 15 yrs.

Balms Away! 20g and 50g

Balms Away!             20g and 50g

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20g, 50g


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