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Rich Molasses Sugar!

Demerara Sugar is made from two ingredients: Sugar, molasses.

The name “Demerara” comes from a variant of the Arawak word “Immenary” or “Dumaruni” which means “river of the letter wood” (wood of Brosimum guianense tree). Demerara Style Sugar was originally created in Guyana (in a region formerly called Demerara in South America).

Sugar production in Guyana began in the mid-1600s while the colony was still under Dutch control. By the end of the 18th century, there were more than 100 sugar plantations along the Demerara river. In the middle of the 19th century, the British took control of Demerara and sugar production significantly increased under them. There had been intense fighting in the area which made it difficult for production to get going.

Compared to golden and brown sugar, Demerara retains most of the natural molasses, giving it a dark colour and deep rich flavour with large crystals that give a crunchy texture. Demerara sugar is lightly centrifuged, similar to the lower level of processing that turbinado sugar undergoes. As a result, it retains a mild note that is like butterscotch or caramel.

The addition of molasses explains why brown sugar tends to have a somewhat moist texture. As a result, it’s easier to mix into doughs and other recipes for baking. Demerara sugar has a deeper, darker flavour than that of brown because of its purity given that it’s unadulterated, without the addition of any refined sugars.

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