Chipotle Chili, Whole, Conventional, 100g


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Whole Chipotle Chilis (75,000 HU)- Capsicum annum

A VERY exciting ingredient,  Chipotle peppers are earthy, mildly spicy, and pungent with a deep earthy smokiness that’s created during the drying and smoking process!!!
A chipotle pepper is a jalapeño that has been left on the vine to ripen until red, and is then smoked and dried. The name Chipotle is a compound of two Aztec words: chilli (hot pepper) and poctli (smoke).

The method of smoke-drying jalapeños to make chipotles dates all back to the early food preservation practices used in Mesoamerica. The theory is that Aztecs likely began preserving these peppers as a way to safeguard against the potential of a weak harvest. Smoking them was necessary because while peppers were simply left in the sun to dry, the fleshy walls of the jalapeño didn’t dry thoroughly making them susceptible to rot.

This form of chili reached Europe after Christopher Columbus discovered them on his voyage to the so-called “New World”. Their self-preserving nature made them perfect for crossing oceans without spoiling, allowing them to make it to Spain before spreading to Europe, India and beyond.




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