Cinnamon Sticks, Conventional, 100g


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6″ cinnamon sticks. We tried to carry organic but they never came in, so we have mad the shift to conventional so we can access this product again!

Origin: Sri Lanka / Vietnam
Production: True cinnamon has several thin layers shaved from the inner bark of the tree, unlike the more common cassia cinnamon, which is thicker and curls from both sides inward.

Qualities: True cinnamon, also known as sweet cinnamon, Xi Lan Rou Gui, Ceylon, or Zeylonicum cinnamon, is a popular spice used in many versatile ways throughout history. Cinnamon is widely popular and known for its slightly sweet, delicious, and spicy warming flavor commonly found in baked goods, teas, and spice mixes.
True cinnamon has a more subtle, delicate, and less sweet flavor than the closely related cassia cinnamon. One of the main differences between these two types of cinnamon is that cassia contains higher concentrations of coumarin, which in high doses, can have a negative impact on liver and kidney health. Otherwise, many of their medicinal qualities are the same, as they are so closely related.
Cinnamon, along with it’s exceptional and unique flavor, is a highly valued and multipurpose medicinal herb used for circulatory, respiratory, and expectorant applications. It is also used to aid in the digestive process and enhance metabolic function. Many cultures have used cinnamon in their health practices topically and internally throughout history.

Common Use: True cinnamon bark can easily be broken into pieces and freshly ground in a spice/coffee grinder and used as a powder in a very wide range of applications from sprinkling on your oatmeal or cereal, in baked goods, smoothies, as an extract or tea, or ingested in capsules. Its earthy yet appealing flavor makes it a healthful staple in almost every spice cabinet.

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