Hojicha Green(Denman Island Tea), Loose, Organic


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Roasty and toasty and a super-mellow accompaniment to both savory and sweet foods, this roasted variation of green tea provides an elegant counterpoint to whatever it’s set beside.

Hōjicha (ほうじ茶, 焙じ茶, lit. ’roasted tea) is a Japanese green tea.

It is distinctive from other Japanese green teas because it is roasted in a porcelain pot over charcoal. It is roasted at 150 °C (302 °F) to prevent oxidation and produce a light golden colour, as opposed to other Japanese teas which are steamed.

Hōjicha infusions have a light- to reddish-brown appearance and are less astringent. The lower levels of astringency in hōjicha are due to the tea losing catechins during the high-temperature roasting process.

The roasted flavours are extracted and dominate this tea: the roasting replaces the vegetative tones of other varieties of Japanese green tea with a toasty, slightly caramel-like flavour.

The roasting process used to make hōjicha also lowers the amount of caffeine in the tea. Because of its mildness, hōjicha is a popular tea to serve during the evening meal, before sleep, and preferred for children and the elderly.


Ingredients: Single origin, single estate, single cultivar Japan Green Tea (Roasted)

Nuances: Umami, nutty, earthy

Steeping Essentials

  • Teaspoon: 2 level
  • Water: 12 oz, 176ºF / 80ºC
  • Timer: 2 minutes
  • Storage: Sealed light proof jar/tin in a cool cupboard. Keep away from heat & light sources.
  • Best Before: 6-9 months depending on storage. Optimum freshness in the first 6 months after opening

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