Licorice Root, Organic, 50g


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Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) has been used in food and as medicine for thousands of years. Also known as “sweet root,” licorice root contains a compound that is about 50 times sweeter than sugar. Licorice root has been used in both Eastern and Western medicine to treat a variety of illnesses ranging from the common cold to liver disease. It acts as a demulcent, a soothing, coating agent, and as an expectorant, meaning it helps get rid of phlegm. Licorice is an herb that grows in parts of Europe and Asia.

The chemicals in licorice are thought to decrease swelling, decrease cough, and increase the chemicals in our body that heal ulcers. Many “licorice” products made in the U.S. actually don’t contain licorice. They contain anise oil, which has the smell and taste of “black licorice”.
Licorice root is most comonly consumed as a tea that is sweet and delicious! It is medicinally is used for eczema, swelling of the liver, mouth sores, and many other conditions…please research its uses and side effects before consuming it all day every day!

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