Molasses, Blackstrap, Organic, 500g


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Organic Blackstrap Molasses

If you haven’t tried molasses, today is the day!

Everland’s unsulphered blackstrap molasses are a full-flavored, vegan sweetener that is here to sweeten your day without burdening your body. Free from animal by-products, artificial colors & preservatives, it also provides vitamins & minerals found in the sugarcane plant. We love enjoying it as a sweet source of iron.

How to use blackstrap molasses:

Replace sugar and other sweeteners with molasses. Enjoy in baking, cooking, oatmeal, smoothies & other beverages.


Organic / Vegan / Non GMO/ Fair Trade/ Packed in Canada in reusable glass bottles(same size as a small mouth mason!)

Blackstrap Molasses, Organic

Blackstrap Molasses, Organic