Mustard, Denzel’s, Hot Horseradish, 250ml


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Horseradish mustard!! Hot spicy and smooth, what more could you ask for? Trev and I love this mustard and buy it often and enjoy it in dressings and in wraps.  This mustard is hot and spicy with a smooth finish. Denzel had so many people ask for a hotter version of his Horseradish Mustard that he had to give it a shot….and shazzammo! Denzel recommends it on meats(he recommends everything on meat!..haha..he’s a real meat lover!)

Ingredients: vinegar, mustard, water, horseradish, sea salt, onions, garlic, spices.

About Denzel and his hot sauces and mustards:

Denzel Sandberg is a friend of Dinah’s from Enderby, BC. Dinah’s dad Dennis used to run a massage clinic and Denzel had his hotsauce production in the back alley so they made friends (in Enderby, BC).  Denzel grows many of the ingredients himself on his farm near Enderby, he also imports from farmer friends nearby. From Denzel: “First, we use the finest quality ingredients I can find and I grow some myself as well such as garlic. We are so fortunate to be situated in the agriculturally diverse Okanagan and I have been able to form relationships with the people that grow our produce. It’s easy to make the best when you start with the best. Our philosophy of quality continues by always making small batches. Each batch is hand crafted, and I work meticulously to make sure that the flavour and quality are consistent and up to par. And finally, I insist on freshness. I don’t keep produce or finished hot sauces on hand so everybody gets as fresh a product as possible.”

Mustard, Hot Horseradish, Denzel's


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