Rice Flour(Sweet), Conventional


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Non-Organic (Conventional) Sweet Rice Flour

Sweet Rice Flour is the secret weapon you need to know about for your gluten-free kitchen. Despite the name, this flour is not sweet and acts more like starch in baking and adds moisture and a sponge-like texture.

Also known as Glutinous Rice Flour, Mochiko, Mifen, or Galapong, this flour is made by grinding polished Californian glutinous milled rice. The term “glutinous” refers to the stickiness of this high starch Asian rice variety. Rather, this rice has a much higher starch content than other kinds of rice, making it an extremely efficient thickening agent for sauces or binder for things like mochi and noodles.

Sweet Rice Flour is naturally gluten-free. Sweet Rice Flour will soon become the most indispensable flour in your gluten-free kitchen. It has a unique starchy content that becomes chewy and stretchy when cooked and so is an excellent mimic for the elastic properties of gluten.

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