Pasta, Macaroni Elbows(Tinkyada Brand), Brown Rice, Gluten Free, Conventional/Organic


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Elbows(Macaroni) Pasta, Tinkyada brand, Brown Rice, Organic

NOTE re Organic: 2x340g and 2x340g are ORGANIC only

4.54kg size  is Conventional


GLUTEN FREE Brown Rice pastas made from whole grain. Perfectly Textured, One grain, Pasta JOY!

Grinding done in-house and not from refined flour in a dedicated Factory (Premise & Machines handling).

ONE GRAIN only to prevent cross-contamination. No wheat, corn, nuts, peanuts, or preservatives.

Brown Rice Tinkyada Macaroni Elbows

Brown Rice Tinkyada Macaroni Elbows


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Weight 0.00 kg

12x340g, 2x340g, 4.54kg


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