PuErh 30yr(Denman Island Tea), Aged and Fermented Black Tea, Organic


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30 Year Royal PuErh

Introducing Denman Island Teas’ exceptional 30 Year Ripe PuErh, a tea that embodies the essence of time and mastery. This vintage tea has been patiently aged for three decades, allowing it to develop an exquisite complexity and depth of flavor that’s truly unmatched. Harvested from the lush tea gardens of the remote regions of Yunnan, China, this PuErh tea boasts a rich, dark infusion and a velvety-smooth, earthy profile.

The 30 Year Ripe PuErh is a testament to the art of tea aging, where time transforms the leaves into a symphony of nuanced tastes. Each sip unfolds a harmonious blend of deep, woody notes, hints of cocoa, and a lingering sweetness that dances on your palate. This tea is a connoisseur’s delight, perfect for those who appreciate the wisdom and heritage that goes into crafting a truly extraordinary cup.

Steeped in tradition, this PuErh has been lovingly cared for and nurtured for decades, resulting in a tea that encapsulates the very soul of its origin. Whether you’re a seasoned tea aficionado or an adventurous newcomer, our 30 Year Ripe PuErh promises a truly unforgettable tea experience that’s aged to perfection. Indulge in a sip of history with each cup and savor the essence of time itself.

Ingredients:  Aged and fermented black tea
Nuances: White/Cremini mushroom, earth, and loam

Steeping Essentials

  • Teaspoon: 1.5 level
  • Water: 12 oz, less than 195ºF / 90ºC
  • Timer: 30 Seconds
  • Give each new portion of PuErh a 30 second hot bath before steeping, & toss this water out.
  • Storage: Sealed light proof jar/tin in a cool cupboard. Keep away from heat & light sources.
  • Best Before: 6-9 months depending on storage. Mind you, its already over 30yrs old…so….


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