Quinoa, Puffed, Organic


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Quinoa, Puffed, Organic

Made with 100% Certified Organic Quinoa, Puffed Quinoa can be enjoyed with some milk for a quick breakfast or added to yogurt and also used in homemade cereal bars and salads for a special crunchy and nutritious touch. Certified Organic, Non-GMO and Gluten Free. This cereal is created by exposing quinoa grains to a very high temperature in a pressure oven, causing them to pop!

Quinoa is an ancestral and millennial cultivation of the Bolivian highland. Though used as a grain, Quinoa grain is actually the seed of an herbaceous plant. Quinoa grows in a rainbow of colours and a few coloured flakes might be present in the product.

Try these recipes or eat it with any type of milk as a cereal…YUM!

PUFFED QUINOA Peanut butter squares with chocolate https://www.foodbymaria.com/puffed-quinoa-recipe/

Chocolate Puffed Quinoa Squares! https://www.occasionallyeggs.com/chocolate-puffed-quinoa-snack-bars/#wprm-recipe-container-6117


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