Raspberry Leaf Tea, cut & sifted, Organic


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Raspberry Leaf tea has long been drunk to regulate menstrual cycles and ease menstrual cramps.

We source our Organic Raspberry Leaf from the Balkan mountains. They grow high up into the southern Dinaric Alps, which span the length of the country, taking in the fertile valleys sweeping towards the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. This dramatic landscape contains a variety of microclimates in which a diverse array of precious plants can grow with seasonal availability.

An average of 260 sunny days per year provides the ideal climate for raspberry leaf. The terrain is unspoiled and rich, the air and water clear, and the people have homesteaded here in these rich lands for hundreds of years.

Over the years, the tradition of wild-harvesting was kept alive, and remains important to the locals living in the mountains. Leaves are harvested during flowering in May – August. Drying of raspberry leaves is similar to other species: in raised nylon nets used as insoles in aerated places.

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