Rose Petals, Dried, Conventional, 100g


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Rose has always been the favorite flower in Pakistan and has a special place in their culture as there is hardly any event where roses are not displayed. In Pakistan, rose growing is used for jam, rose water, herbal teas and flavouring traditional dishes.

Rose production has great potential in Pakistan because it has an agricultural economy with diverse climatic conditions. They are grown using traditional farming methods for roses. They usually harvest flowers during January to March.

The flowers are picked immediately after blooming. The farmer does pick each rose by hand so the farmer will reserve a small plot on their land for rose cultivation and grow other food crops on their remaining land. As this is the case in Pakistan, we source our rose petals from several hundred small farms, they use Organic farming practices but due to their small size, it is not economically feasible for them to be certified. Each farm we work with has been growing roses for 6 to 15 years. When the rose plant has lived its productive life, they do crop rotation with other plants for soil health.

Due to getting rose petals and buds from different small farms across Pakistan, we base our selection on quality and grade of the product.



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