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Vancouver Island Grain & Milling

Yellow Split Peas

VIGrain are a grain milling and storage facility located in Port Alberni. All profits from grain sales are reinvested back into improving grain harvesting, handling and milling infrastructure for Vancouver Island. One of their goals is to promote interest in growing and marketing locally grown grains.

The grain products that VI Grain sells are of the highest quality. They buy directly from Certified Organic grain farms and do their own milling. These grains are then kept in a refrigerated and humidity controlled environment for the maximum in quality control. This gives  VI Grain the ability to maintain the largest inventory and variety of “Certified Organic” grains on the Vancouver Island.

Yellow Peas
Yellow Peas are part of the legume family. They have a milder flavour than green peas and are commonly used in soups or to thicken stews. Gluten free bread recipes use pea flour as an ingredient. They are high in protein and nourishment and perfect for vegan diets.

Origin: Canada

Production: dehulled,split

Finally, Canadian Split Peas! These yellow split peas are certified organic, have no added preservatives and are non GMO. They are a small, half pea with a rich yellow colour and nutty taste. Yellow split peas have a firm, smooth texture and hold their shape when cooked, or can be boiled until soft and creamy. They are a perfect addition to soups and broths, casseroles and slow cooked recipes, veggie burgers and dips. For creamier, soft peas continue cooking until desired consistency is achieved. Softly cooked yellow split peas are the star of traditional Toor Dal and as a spicy filling in Indian bread. Or serve as a puree with herbs and garlic next to grilled fish or vegetables. Yummy smashed with sumac or in Greek fava dip.





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