The SLO Foods model is based on carrying as limited stock as possible, which eliminates the need for a brick and mortar store, thus reducing the cost to you- the end user. This also ensures your products are as fresh as possible. Bulk ordering demands planning in advance so it is important to keep use and storage in mind when ordering.  SLO Foods is not a convenience shopping based system, it is ordering straight from the suppliers to your pantry as fast as it can happen in real time.

In (yesterdays) normal timeframe, the timeline between ordering and delivery was approximately two weeks. Covid and the disruption of several supply chains has altered this.

The timelines listed below should be used as a rough guideline.

1) Order periods are as such: the first Sunday of each month at 8:00 pm.
2) On the following day (Monday) we compile the orders and order from the different wholesalers.
3) The bulk suppliers will have the orders shipped for pickup in Nanaimo by late that week to late the following week
4) Once we have all the goods, we assemble the individual orders, adjust prices and begin delivery. NOTE: What you order from SLO Foods will be arriving as fast as possible to your doorway.
5) There will be a delivery charge of $5 added to your bill automatically when you order                                                           6) We pay up front for the goods you order, so prompt payment is appreciated upon delivery.

All Inquiries, please email Dinah at SLO Foods <>